The Russian cheese market: state and development trends

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НазваниеThe Russian cheese market: state and development trends
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Дата выхода04.09.2009
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Краткое описаниеMain research objectives are:
1. Environment and economic activity estimation in terms of analysis of business processes occurring on the Russian cheese market.
The research period is 2004-2009.
2. Revelation of development tendencies of the Russian cheese market, expediency definition and possibilities of investors penetrate to it in conditions of turbulent market environment.
The general trends and development forecasts of the Russian cheese market are considered over near-term outlook.
Information sources:
1. Reports of Federal State Statistic Service, Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, and data of Russian Federal Customs Service.
2. Companies press releases, branch and expert estimations of mass-media.
3. Own informational resource and extensive enterprises database of Information Agency.
Outlook content:
The marketing review “The Russian cheese market: state and development trends” is structured into five sections according to contents.
The first section is devoted to description of general market characteristic, in particular: current situation; sale volumes of cheese production; general directions of preference, suggestion and demand; trade marks presented in the market; leading companies groups; crisis processes influence on development of the Russia cheese market and as a result existing problems. The analysis of the general cheese market state allowed to define the sizes and a market potential in kind and value terms.
А number of the mentioned elements of the Russian cheese market is revealed in details in the subsequent paragraphs of the first and second sections, namely: industrial aspect; features of consumption and demand; segmentation and price factors; processes concerning sales of products, and cheese market counterparts.
Also key financial estimated figures of leading market participants are presented in the review that allows in a sort to understand efficiency and productivity of their financial and economic activity.
Considering, that the Russian cheese market is milk oriented, so its state analyzed against the milk market as a raw-material base.
The participants of the foreign trade turnover, types of delivered products and their volumes in value terms and kind are presented in details in the third section.
Besides estimations and opinions of market participants on current situations and general prospects of further development of the market and its segments are resulted in the report.
Also forecasts in kind and value terms by basic, optimistic and pessimistic variants of development on such segments, as price, manufacture, capacity, import and export, and characteristic on leading players of the market including their key indicators of financial and economic activity are presented in the marketing review. Such aspects are included in the fourth and fifth sections of the report
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